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♥ Most of my products are NOT intended for children. Many pieces are a choking hazard, so please store the small items in a safe place and out of reach from young ones. ♥ Please do not ask for discounts or special favors on any of my items.

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I do not host or teach any craft workshops nor do I offer any online video tutorials. ♥ I am not a wholesale company, so please do not ask about discount bulk prices or buying the entire inventory. I keep my prices affordable with low shipping rates already. If you would like a bulk order on my handmade items, they will be at listed price. Please do not resell my item on Etsy or online anywhere without my permission.

  • When in doubt, contact me.
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  • The earring studs I sell in my shop are Stainless Steel material.
  • While Romans traded a lot of food, Greeks _______ a lot of their food.
  • This Valentine’s morning, send your kids on a special mission.

Do not fret because we are here to help! It is pretty obvious that little babies cannot join yet the party per se and most probably it would be their parents who will join in the fun. But nevertheless, it is important to make these little ones feel the festive atmosphere of the event. One of the greatest misconceptions about birthday parties and kids’ parties in general is that they are all about letting your kids run wild.

Valentine’s Day

Keep them in mint condition by avoiding water contact. If item are often dropped, they will become more fragile and possibly break. Buyers are swinca responsible for return postage costs. If the item is not returned in its original condition, the buyer is responsible for any loss in value.

Sorry no cash because there’s been too many lost payments in the mail. No exceptions. If there is an unexpected issue, please communicate with me and we will work together to solve the problem. ♥ Items are shipped within from 3 days up to 1 week once payment is completed. This excludes Sundays and federal holidays as the post office is closed.

To explain what we mean, lets for example take Frankie. She is just 16 days old, everything is new to her and she is taking her first steps to discover the world around her. Kids who join a new team or school, can relate to her and use her as a guide in helping them enter a new environment with a positive approach, just like Frankie. As much as she is the same, she is different because not everyday teenager has bolts on their neck which spark each time their get excited or nervous. These two are the first things you should put in your shopping cart when you’re preparing kids’ events. Dark chocolate and yogurt are very practical because you can dip almost any kind of fruit in them and have a simple yet healthy snack in no time.


• Greek children like to play with small glass balls. Many owners ____ their pets and give them the attention they need. A human that owns a pet and has a responsibility to care for it. What happens when animals are hurt or abandoned by their owner. People find it easier to open up to pets rather than. • A place where homeless pets go to find new homes.

Do not message me to negotiate pricing. They are listed at a fair price . Any item at discount price is listed in the «SALE» section of my shop.

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A person or pet you love to play and bond with. Type of surgery that prevents female dog or cat from having litters. This person helps animals when they are sick or injured. I’m small, mostly grey and have a long tail.

And we, just like you, do understand that every child is different. Holidays are a perfect time to form special bonds with your kids. But the magic doesn’t have to end once the ornaments are taken down. One of the main reasons we like attending parties in general is their social aspect. In most cases, going to a party means that you’ll be seeing a group of people you are mostly familiar with and whose company you know you can enjoy.

It is not easy to take care of a fragile little baby. This is why celebrating your baby’s first birthday is not just all about the little one, it is also a day of celebration of becoming a parent. Just make sure that the baking cups or liners are related to the theme of the party.

While Romans traded a lot of food, Greeks _______ a lot of their food. Greek children like to play with small glass balls. While the Greeks grew a lot of food, the Romans ______ a lot of food.


You have to consider all the people around you, and avoid whispering to your friend or alienating one person from the group. Children learn how to be social and interact with other people in a relaxed atmosphere by hosting events and attending their friend’s event. It has definitely become one of our favourite parties to host mainly because it is VERY FUN! The characters from Monster High are different from regular people, but yet many kids can find a character that they can relate to.

It is a self-esteem booster. It is a great feeling for kids to see all their friends, who arrive to see them on their special day, bring colourful bags with presents and wish them a “Happy Birthday”. These actions and words might feel overdone for adults, but for kids this is reassurance that they are cared for by many little people just like them. ♥ Please do not spam my message box by asking me to sponsor goods for you to review on your website, such as YouTube, personal blog, etc. I am sorry but I do not usually reply back to those messages. My items are handmade with love and care and I cannot just give away free stuff to a stranger.

It’s not just about running around

Ican be small or big. I look after my people. I sometimes bite. As well as being a responsibility, pets cost a lot of … Having a pet has been known to make people happier and … Welfare standards say that all pets require the five …


Offer applies to selected items for delivery by regular standard shipping only and excludes delivery to some remote locations. Up to the maximum of $20 shipping value. Any shipping expense over this $20 per order maximum amount will be charged to your order. Free Shipping applies only to orders with qualifying merchandise greater than $49 and does not apply to gift cards. offers «Free Shipping» on select items throughout the site.

Father’s Day

I appreciate the gesture of giving my shop «more exposure» but please only do reviews on items you actually purchased from my shop. If I ever want someone else to conduct a review on my product, I will contact them directly. These are small details as it may seem but let’s admit it, most of the time these are the most forgotten ones. As parents get excited to celebrate their child’s first birthday party, do take time to look at the above list to ensure a happier and safer 1st birthday party. Now, most first time parents are clueless of how they should organize their child’s first birthday party.

And that’s one of the reasons why kids’ events can play an important role in the life of your youngster. By being exposed to different social contexts from the early age he or she will more easily grasp those oh-so-needed life skills. As the weather is not as cold as it used to be until recently, we are sure you’ll be able to enjoy a nice long walk with your family. Use the opportunity of a holiday as lovely as Valentine’s Day is to enjoy this activity even more than you usually do. ♥ I do not own any pets in my workshop so anyone with allergies can feel safe about purchasing my items.

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Wide variety of games that are appropriate for all ages . However, that shouldn’t discourage you in your mission to put a healthy meal on the table in any occasion. If experience has taught us anything, it’s that there is always a way to interest a child into working with you. If there is even a slight chance that you can help them achieve their year’s goal, give it a shot. If it is something they have to do it on their own, like become better at drawing, or learning how to play a particular song, encourage them to do so once holidays are over.

A product’s «Manufacturer’s Age» range on & is provided by the product’s manufacturer. ♥ Custom orders and requests are always welcomed. If you want me to sculpt something that is not posted on my listings, please provide images and give clear details.

♥ I want all of my customers to be satisfied and happy with his or her purchase, so my goal is to receive 100% positive feedback. For positive feedback, you can simple click ‘positive’ and leaving a comment is optional. Please DO NOT leave negative or neutral feedback regarding a product or any issue without contacting me first. Feedback should be based on quality of item (with the exception of flaws/defects on charms and squishies), transaction service, and seller’s communication. Never leave neutral or negative feedback for any Etsy seller based on shipping time since it’s beyond our control once your package is in the hands of the post office.