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Effective planning for strategic planning for nonprofits can ensure that a charity’s mission and vision are realized. A solid strategic plan for nonprofits outlines measurable goals and a roadmap to reach them. It is a resource that must be reviewed frequently as the circumstances can change.

A strategic plan should start with a review of the mission, vision and values. This helps to strengthen the team as well as validate that these are the driving factors behind the strategy. This is a fantastic opportunity to determine if changes may be required.

The next step is for many nonprofits to conduct a SWOT analysis. This is a study of the organization’s potential opportunities and threats and also its strengths and weaknesses. A robust SWOT analysis is an excellent way to build understanding of the organization’s current internal and external situation. It will assist in determining what steps to take in the organization’s strategy development.

A fundraising or development strategy plan is an additional common element of a Strategic Plan. It outlines how the organization can expand its philanthropic efforts. It may include goals for things like increasing email outreach, enhancing the fundraising website, increasing fundraising techniques and building stronger relationships with donors.

When the goals for the strategic plan have been set it’s a good idea to convene the group to discuss next steps. This will strengthen everyone’s commitment to see the plan through to completion. It’s also a an ideal time to discuss ways to communicate the plan to other stakeholders who were not part of the initial team.